Go Greek

Sororities and fraternities are part of a long- held social system on university campuses known as “the Greek System.” Sororities are for females and fraternities are for males. Being in the Greek System is like gaining new brothers or sisters that last a lifetime.  Frats and sororities are excellent networking groups for later in life because they can help you land a new job or help with your leadership abilities. Try out the different sororities and fraternities before joining one. Government teacher Mr. Ford said, “To say [sororities and fraternities] are all the same is unfair. It depends on the school and which one [you attend].” They are very charitable by giving hundreds of dollars to organizations. You will meet all kinds of new people, participate in all kinds of new experiences, and you’ll be presented with all kinds of new ideas. Of course, there are the occasional parties and the “hell week” you go through become an official member of the Greek system, but in the long run it is worth it.