Jeff Porter: One Inspiring Student


Jeffery Porter is a special needs student at Riverbend High School, and while his disability keeps him in his wheelchair, he doesn’t let that get in his way of enjoying his life to its fullest.  For example, he participated in the Boston Marathon as well as going to 2014 prom.

This year, Porter and his father competed in the Boston marathon, placing 2nd place in the Wheelchair Division with a time of 3hrs and 27minutes.  The Boston Marathon is unique, for it was the first major marathon to ever include a Wheelchair Division, beginning in 1975, which still continues to this day. The wheelchair division involves two people, the rider and the pusher. In this case Jeffery was pushed by his dad; something they were both very much looking forward to. Porter communicates by raising his left arm for yes, and his right arm for no.  He raised his left arm indicating “yes,” when asked if he had fun during the Marathon.

Porter also asked senior Ricki Fisher to prom. Which when asked if he enjoyed prom, he replied, “yes.”

One of Jeffery’s teachers, Ms. Shipman, describes him as, “Jeffery is a great pleasure to have in class; he brings joy to every lesson. He is very social and outgoing, looking forward to please, and doesn’t want to miss anything.” Despite his disability, Porter still lives life to the fullest, and is a role model of determination we should all look up to.