In 2016, the SAT test will be modified to create better opportunities for students to get into college. One major change to the test is the written essay part: this is now optional and will be graded separately. If one chooses to take the written essay, there is an additional fee. Freshman Jaylan Coefield said, “The changes are great for us, because we will be the first to take it, and have a better chance of getting a good score.” Another change is that testers will no longer be penalized for choosing the wrong answer. The answer chosen correctly is the score received; also, the grading scale is being changed to a 1600 as a perfect score. Making the scale lower makes it harder for students to just bubble in an answer on a bubble sheet without even knowing the information. Senior Ricki Fisher said, “The new scoring system will make it harder to get a perfect score, but also allows you to reach a standard score, so you get into a good college.”

Teachers say that the reading part of the test was the best change, because they have to now cite information from the passage that proves your answer is correct. The modified test also now uses more common words instead of completing sentences with obscure words. The math portion of the test is also being changed. Students will only be able to use their calculators on certain sections of the test.

The College Board says the new SAT is going to be more “transparent,” and cut back on perceptions of inequality around expensive test preparation services. Mainly saying there will be no more surprise secrets to the test., David Coleman said, “We hope you breathe a sigh of relief knowing this test will be more focused, useful, open, and clear with the work you will do throughout high school.”