The Bright Side is the Right Side


Allison Weiderhold- Rigorous Academic Structure

There’s an old saying by Walter Winchell that says, “An optimist is someone who gets treed by a lion but enjoys the scenery.” The Optimist Club is an award program sponsored at Riverbend honoring students for exemplary behavior in the areas of school spirit, secure environment, community involvement, inclusive environment, teamwork, character development, and rigorous academic structure.

Seniors are nominated and voted upon by faculty members. Ms. Haley, counselor and organizer of the Optimist Awards, said, “The program is basically looking at character in our school … it’s good to recognize students who contribute to the positive atmosphere.” Allison Weiderhold, recognized for her dedication to academics, advises those seeking to advance their academic careers, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Challenge yourself as much as you can. Be bold. Work your hardest, but remember to stay true to yourself.”