Spring Spirit week began the week before Spring Break from April 14th -18th and started with the students dressing up comfortably in their pajamas. Tuesday was Game Piece Day. Several English teachers dressed up as scrabble pieces and spelt out “ENGLISH.” Wednesday presented itself as a day for students to dress up as any character they wanted. Grace McIntire, a fan of Doctor Who, showcased her love for the show and wore a dress that was designed like the beloved police box “TARDIS.”

“My mom bought me the dress for Christmas. I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to wear it, and character day was definitely the chance to,” said McIntire.

On Thursday, many students showed off their favorite college as they wore something that represented their favorite university and on the following day, students showcased their Riverbend school spirit on “Bear Wear Day.”

Usually, at the end of a spirit week, the school will throw a pep rally to get students more excited for the upcoming event. However, due to the time missed from the multiple snow days and delays, the school didn’t want to rob the teachers from what little instruction time they have left. As a result, there was no spring pep rally at the end of the week.