Behind The Scenes of “A City in Lights”


Homecoming is that one special event that brings all high school students together to let loose, celebrate and forget the stress, homework and busyness of life. There is a lot that goes into planning homecoming: ordering food, setting up decorations, making schedules, getting volunteers, and making sure everything goes in its place (food, decorations, chaperones, etc.). The SCA members have been planning homecoming events since last April, which is nearly five months of planning for a week’s worth of activities. Considering this year’s dance is early, there are more challenges for such a big event. Mrs. Jones, teacher at Riverbend and sponsor for SCA, said, “In order to prepare for the dance we have to order a lot supplies, decorations, flowers and food. We usually spend about 3-4 thousand dollars each year on homecoming. That includes the dance, bonfire, pep rally and floats.”  Mrs. Jones’ favorite part of the dance is seeing how all of the sweatpants, jeans and t-shirts change into suits, bows and dresses.

Sophomore Marissa Clay said she expects “perfectness, flawlessness and sparkles” at the dance. Clay spends about two weeks to find “just the right dress” for the dance. Clay does her own hair and makeup for the dance and enjoys that experience. RHS gym teacher Mr. Morin loves spirit week and said that twin day is his favorite because it shows that we aren’t all that different here at Riverbend.

Most bears seem excited and want to support all of the different areas of homecoming. Homecoming week and events begin Monday, September 22nd, and end Saturday, September 27th.  Friday, the 22nd in the gym is the annual homecoming pep rally. On Saturday, September 27th from 7:30pm-11:30pm is the homecoming dance. [Girls should wear flats, converse or sandals to the dance because heels are not allowed on the gymnasium floors. You will be asked to take heels off before entering the gym and there are no exceptions.] Each homecoming ticket is $15 and can be purchased during lunch the week of the dance near the attendance office. This year’s dance will include a photo booth and top hit songs from this year. The theme is “A City in Lights,” so be sure to get fancy. Don’t be square, be there, be fair and go bears!