New AP Test Policy

No Exemption for Seniors

Riverbend offers many Advanced Placement (AP) classes for students. Within those classes, an optional AP exam towards the end of the course tests the students’ cumulative knowledge. In the past, if a senior were to receive a B or better in an AP course and did not take the AP exam, they were not required to take the teacher’s final. However, this year, if seniors choose not to take an AP exam, they must take the teacher’s final even if they have received a B or better in the course.

This year AP exams are from May 4 through May 15; however, with this new rule, this year if students choose not to take the exam they will be required to take the teachers final during the last week of school which is June 8-12 this year. Mrs. Rogucki said, “The end of year exam simulates an AP test, which helps to prepare you in the future.”

Riverbend isn’t the only school that has this AP policy. “Massaponax High School has followed this policy for about ten years,” stated Dr. Wright the Principal at Riverbend. He continued, “This policy has improved the participation rate for the AP exams.” Mrs. Rogucki, an Assistant Principal at Riverbend, said, “The change is to encourage students to try and take the AP exam.”

Mr. Reighard, AP US History teacher at Riverbend said, “If you’re taking a course that supports an AP exam, why not take [the exam]?” The new policy is meant to encourage students to attempt the AP exam not only to practice for the future, but also to receive the AP credit for scoring well. Dr. Wright said, “A committee of teachers recognized that one of the best measures of how well we are preparing our students for college classes via our AP classes is the AP test.”

AP exam prices, meanwhile, are up to the College Board to decide.  This year prices are $91 for each exam. Junior Lexie Barrales said, “The price, I think, is too high, especially since a majority of students who take AP classes take more than one, which means multiple exams at $91 a test.” Riverbend will still offer reduced rates and payment programs for the exam to whoever needs assistance.