A Summer in the Sky

This past summer was eventful for many students at Riverbend. For sophomore, Hayden Grant, his summer was especially different. Grant travelled to Reno, Nevada, for a National Law Enforcement Aviation Convention. While he was there, he flew a 2 ton, $2 million helicopter with his dad’s friend. The helicopter he flew was a LAPD Eurocopter As-350, commonly known as a “Squirrel.”

Grant has spent numerous hours piloting helicopters and has more than 50 hours of experience flying.  He described flying as having to “tame the beast” because of the constant fight the helicopter gives. It was a quick 45 minute flight because of unstable flying conditions, but they were still able to see the city. During the flight you have to constantly watch and use every sense you have to fly the machine.

“The idea of doing something not everyone has done before excites me,” said Grant. Along with experience, he has passion. He gets his love for helicopters from his father, who was a pilot for the FBI. Grant said that the hardest part about flying is having to multitask, and that’s why he loves it. He compared the challenge to “flying by the seat of your pants.”

Summer is the time to have fun and explore different things. Grant spent his on an unusual and exciting trip that he will remember for a life time.