Conference Champions

Bears Field Hockey Makes History

FiH ConferenceLinda Mc. Reynolds

The Riverbend Bear’s field hockey team is already assembled. They are off to a slow start being 9-6 for the season, They went 5-0 in the conference and they are conference champions now.. Junior Catherine Fehrens said, “Our toughest game so far this season was against Massaponax High School” .The leadership on the team is pretty good this year, having seven seniors returning to the team this year. The captains of the team this year are Seniors Cameron Carty and Meredith Bush. The team wants to continually improve this year on their team skills, individual skills, and teamwork. Junior Alexis Harrington said, “The biggest thing we tried to improve on this year is communication.” Every team wants to go far and be successful in the regular season and then the post-season. It makes it way easier to win when the team has good camaraderie. That comes with playing with each other for a long time and enjoying it as well. Alexis Harrington says, “The best part about the season is meeting new girls and getting close to everyone each year.”  The field hockey team’s goal this year is to make regionals and win states. With good leadership and teamwork the team should be able achieve their goals that they set before this season.