NFL Playoffs 2016

For football fans it’s the most exciting time of the year and it’s even more exciting when your team is taking part in the NFL Playoff. Everybody has different teams and they all battle throughout the league and in their respective divisions winning them a guaranteed spot in the playoff to contend to be crowned super bowl champion. Particular teams and a chance constantly find themselves in the playoffs every year competing to win a ring.

This football season the team to watch has been the Carolina Panthers being lead by star quarterback #1 Cam Newton and their top ranked rush defense as they rack up an almost perfect season finishing at 15 wins and 1 loss only being defeated by the Atlanta Falcons in a shocker where the Panthers were the sure favorite to win. They top their division and end second in rushing yards per game in the league. The Panthers, with such an amazing year, stacked first on the power ranking on the 2015-16 Regular Season.

The Arizona Cardinals put up amazing numbers. They lead by veteran quarterback Carson Palmer, and their human highlight film offense staking themselves first in total offensive yards per game. They were also first in passing yards per game with their defense not falling far behind, finishing fifth in least defensive yards given up. The Cardinal run by their top rated offensive finishing the season with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses.

The Cincinnati Bengals, wearing orange and black, had a very interesting and exciting year lead by veteran quarterback Andy Dalton until he was injured during the week 14 contest against the divisional rivals the Steelers. The Bengals usually are contending for the playoff finishing with at least nine wins over the past four years, but always seem to be beat in the wild card round. The Bengals finish this season and made the playoff with a 12 wins 4 loss record being mediocre in categories of passing,rushing and total yards.

Next up the Denver Broncos have been one of those teams that always find themselves in the playoffs year after year, lead by quarterback #18 Peyton Manning. Unlike most of the opposing quarterbacks, Manning has been in the playoffs multiple times winning the Super Bowl XLI (41) and being named NFL MVP of the 2006 season. Manning is no stranger to the playoffs and big moments, but the Broncos are first in passing yards allowed per game and third in rushing yards allowed per game notching them as one of the best defenses in the league, finishing with a wonderful record of 12 wins 4 losses.

Lead by the 4 time Superbowl winning quarterback #12 Tom Brady, the New England Patriots dealt with a lot of injuries to their starters and found a way to still win their division after losing the last two game of their regular season. Brady always finding a way to win, won 10 straight games to start off the season losing to the Broncos in week 12. As they were getting healthier, the Patriots were ready to defend their Super Bowl XLIX (49) Championship win.