The Big L

Super Bowl 50 took place on February 7 this year and it featured the  17-1 Carolina Panthers led by quarterback Cam Newton vs the 15-4 Denver Broncos led by quarterback Peyton Manning. The night started off with the presentation of all the MVP from every Super Bowl with Lady Gaga singing National Anthem.

The game started off with Carolina winning the coin toss but they chose to kick off. Denver got the ball and only got a field goal out of the drive. 3-0 Broncos. Panthers got the ball and didn’t do anything so they punted to Denver. Denver gets stopped by Carolina’s defense. Denver punts to the Panthers and they get bad field position. Cam Newton got sacked and he fumbled the ball, and the Broncos defense recovered the ball and defensive end Malik Jackson falls on the ball in the end zone. Touchdown, 10-0 Broncos. That’s the end of the first quarter.

Carolina has the ball and Cam ran for most of the drive and  threw to tight end Greg Olsen, he puts them at the 15 yard line. A facemask play from Denver puts them at the one yard line and running back Jonathan Stewart jumped over all the defensive line for the touchdown. 10-7 Broncos. Broncos get the ball and gets a field goal. 13-7 at the half Broncos leading. Carolina gets the ball in the second half they push down field to the 44 yard line line and they send out the special teams unit. Graham Gano, the kicker, misses the field goal it hit the goal post. Still 13-7 Broncos. Denver gets the ball back and they get a field goal, 16-7 Broncos. Carolina gets the ball, they move up field fast and Cam Newton throws a interception to T.J. Ward but the Broncos do nothing and punt to Carolina.

Entering the fourth quarter Broncos get the ball, but Peyton Manning fumbles and Carolina recovers, but Carolina gets a field goal, 16-10 Broncos. Carolina punts to Denver and Denver punts it back. They trade punts for another two times. Panthers have it, but Cam fumbles and Denver recovers. Denver gets a touchdown with 3:10 left on the clock on the clock, 24-10 Broncos. Panthers do nothing with the ball and Denver wins the Super Bowl and Von Miller wins the MVP award.

Mrs. Schlorff, a English teacher here at RHS, A Broncos fan said she felt “very happy, excited and vindicated.” When asked about Peyton Manning retiring she said “I hope so.”