President Apprentice

This year on November 8th, the American people will select a new president for the next four years. At the current time, both political parties are voting to decide who the nominee will be. The fascinating thing about this year is the unprecedented occurrence that has taken place, primarily on the GOP side. The current front runner, as evident by decisive wins in South Carolina and Nevada, is Donald Trump. Regardless of one’s opinion on his policies, everyone can admit that is place as the front runner is both shocking and interesting. It is to everyone’s surprise that a businessman who has never held office is able to lead in a race for the most powerful office in the country. Political scientists such as Zeke Miller from Time Magazine have dabbed that his success is due to his GOP opponents “have found no effective way to address [his improbable momentum].” With Super Tuesday fast approaching in which Trumps main competitors, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, look to gain momentum, it is apparent that one of the two Senators needs to begin winning some states. From watching interviews and rallies, it is seen that Trump has been effective with gaining voters because he stands as an alternative to the “Washington establishment.” He is known for speaking his mind as well as not being controlled by interest groups and political action committees, because he is self-funding his campaign. Due to his unorthodox upbringing to the Presidential nomination, it would be historic if Trump were to win the nomination or the election itself, but it is up to the upcoming states, Virginia included, to decide if he is worthy.