The New Cellphone Rule


This school year, Riverbend is enforcing a more strict cell phone rule.  Last year, many of the teachers were very lenient towards students having their cell phones out during class.  The administrators, as well as the teachers have made it very clear that there will be no cell phones out during class instructional time, as it is a constant distraction.  A few teachers are even making students sign contracts saying they won’t use their phones in their classes.  Mrs. Sollohub, the AP World History teacher is strictly enforcing the new rule, “What I tell the students is that you check your texts as you come in, and then I expect you to completely put it away.  First a verbal reminder, and then if it’s still out, I talk to them one on one.  If it’s still a problem, I take it away.”  Many warnings are given, but some phones are still being taken away from students who are using them at inappropriate times.  If students refuse to give their cell phones, they could get ISS or they could be sent to the office for defiance.

Some students such as sophomore Eva Mcdonnell are not too fond of the rule. “It’s my decision whether I want to pay attention or not,” Mcdonnell said,”I need to hear music to concentrate, and now we don’t have the option to listen to music.”  Teachers such as Mrs. Sollohub think the phone even being out causes a distraction, “Just the fact that it is there on your desk, it causes a part of your brain to not be engaged in what we’re doing.”  This year, the new cell phone policy will be put to the test.