Powder Puff is Back

The annual Powder Puff game took place December 1, 2016, as the senior girls, including Offensive Coordinator Coach Thomas and Defensive Coordinator Coach Morello, took on the junior girls, coached by with head coach Dr. Wright and Mr. Morin. The game began at 3p.m. on the football field. The senior girls took home the win over the juniors, 7-0. It was a low scoring, but suspenseful game.

During the second half of the game, DeAna Ruiz, quarterback for the juniors, threw an interception to Katie Tritt. The seniors’ hiked the ball at the 30 yard line, and quarterback Kelly Doyle dished out the ball to running back Amanda Fennell, who ran it in to the endzone for the seniors. For the extra point, Haylee Coppage kicked the ball for the 7-0 win.

Doyle said, “ Our O line executed very well with blocking when we had running plays, and our defense was able to keep the juniors’ offense  from coming anywhere near our zone. I really enjoyed getting the win due to all the trash talk the juniors had been saying before and during the game.”

Hannah Marsteller, a junior who played wide receiver and linebacker for the juniors, said, “The hardest part of the powder-puff game definitely had to be blocking and defending multiple people at once.” Regarding the loss, Marsteller said, “We could have done more passing plays on offense to get more yards.” For Marsteller, she said she would do it again. “It was a fun experience getting to play football because it is not a sport that girls usually play, so it’s fun to try something different,”said Marsteller.

With another win under his belt, Mr. Morello, defensive coordinator for the seniors, said “My team brought a lot of emotions, intensity, and the determination to learn.” For the seniors, the team was filled a variety of athletes, from track to lacrosse players. Morello said, “Everyone knew their position, and athleticism wasn’t a problem for us. We were more focused on the X’s and O’s, of running plays and everyone’s own responsibilities on the field.” Overall, it was a good turnout for our seniors. Morello told the seniors, “You cannot lose to the juniors.” The seniors took those words to heart, and played their game.