Varsity Boys Track


Boys spring track has started, and there has been some changes made to the program. The team has a few new coaches this season: Coach Williams and Coach Gaus. They took over this season since former head coach and former high school and college track standout, Coach Ant due to medical reasons was not able to coach this season. Senior Bryce Webb thinks Coach Williams is “ very knowledgeable” when it comes to Track and Field events. Webb said, “ The coaches brought different attitudes and skills to practice and events.” Webb is a second year returner who qualified for States and Nationals two years in a row along with Gian Torres and Gordon Lewis.

The boys track team has a couple of new guys who are performing well this spring. Junior Deejay Coker, a newcomer on the track team this season, qualified for Penn Relays. “ It was a great experience for me, and I’m glad I did track this year.” Deejay and other runners went to Penn Relays for the weekend of April 27-29 to compete against other track and field athletes around the world in Pennsylvania. Penn Relays is the oldest and largest track competition in the United States hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.

The track team has had some up and downs, but they’re looking forward to getting better for next season. Senior Richard Hibbs said, “ I think we need to become more of a family rather than just individuals on the team.” The support of others on the team will help improve the overall performance during practice and events.