Indoor Track

Indoor track is made up of many different components and there is a spot for everyone on the team. Whether that be sprinting, long distance, hurdling, shot put, or long jump, everyone is included in something. Freshman at Riverbend, Rana Ansari, is a long distance runner for Riverbend. This is her first year on the team, and loves how “everyone is supportive.” Some students choose to use winter track as training for their spring sports. Junior Joseph Arvelo, used track to, “get faster for baseball.” Student athletes get to choose what track events they participate in, but since Arvelo was using track as training, the coaches chose for him, and made him a sprinter. Sophomore Mattie Clift, chose to be a sprinter because, “that’s what [she is] best at. If [she did] long distance, [she would] die.” Clifts favorite part of doing winter track is, “running, making new friends, and the coach[s].”
[Paragraph about how season went. Update in February. Include more interviews with athletes comparing this season and last maybe.]
This year, the cross country and track teams went through a coaching change. Freshman at Riverbend, Mackenzie Zickert commented that the coaches, “are the best [she’s] ever had. [They] really [know] how far to push you.” While the coaches are there to push the athletes to do their very best, they also, “congratulate you when you’ve done well,” commented Clift. The new coaches here at Riverbend have made a change in the team, and it’s one for the better. Mr. Silvio Guerra is the head coach for both cross country and track. He was also an olympic athlete, competing in the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Summer Games. Mr. Jason Turner is the throwing coach and Riverbends’ AP European History teacher. Mr. Chris Markham is another coach for the track team, working with the long distance runners and the hurdles. Coach Anthony “Ant” Wallace is one of the returning coaches from previous seasons here at Riverbend.
This winter track season is shaping up to be one of the best and next year will only be better.