Girls Varsity Tennis


This year, the Riverbend tennis team exceeded all expectations remaining undefeated throughout the whole season.  Compared to last year, the team has performed better and have a great focus on not only winning but also making the team stronger as a whole.  Grace Long, sophomore, said, “I’ve played tennis for a total of four years, and I’ve been on the school team for two years, ever since I got here.”  Long said, “I’m really proud of my team.  We win more easily than last year and have higher margins.  My personal goal is to be in the top three of the school for tennis; right now I am the top five.”

Some standout players were Kiersten Chang, a freshman who has major talent.  The captains of this year’s tennis team were senior, Kelsey Truong and junior, Mimi Kerr.  They led the team to victory throughout the season, not losing any matches.  Truong said, “As captain, I want the team to bond as much as we can and hopefully become more successful as a team by doing so.”  Truong has been playing for ten years and has been on the school team for all four years of her high school experience.  The coaches really support the team and the players have improved from last year.  The coaches of the tennis team are Mrs. Ansley, head coach, and Mrs. Rose, the assistant coach.  Ansley said, “Our team is doing great, the girls are the only spring sport that is undefeated this year.”

The tennis team expects to make it to states with their current record for the season.