Girls and Boys Tennis

The Riverbend Tennis teams play with a ton of heart. Both the boys and girls have had solid seasons so far. Junior Connor Muilenburg said, “Our coach (Garr) says we are a rebuilding team.”  Nonetheless, the boys have continued to fight through their opponents, only losing three matches out of eleven. “It’s a good environment, everyone is friendly to each other” commented Sophomore Callum Pattillo.  Their toughest opponent is Forge, who they will most likely have to beat to make regional’s. The Bears have lost to Colonial Forge in both of their matchups, 5-4. With many of their games postponed due to rain, the Bears are preparing for a tournament in about two weeks.

On the girl’s side of things, their season has gone very similar with that of the boys. They have a 9-2 record, and their top three players are Junior Kelsey Truong, Senior Maggie Sulzbach, and sophomore Alesi Veale. Truong said her favorite part of the season is “fun practices with the team.” Out of all of the success the girl’s tennis team has seen this year, Senior Arielle Wilmer said her favorite part of the season has been, “Being able to do something after school every day that I enjoy with a group of friends.”

Both teams have a very positive attitude and mindset, which will most likely lead to future success for the Bears tennis teams heading into regionals.