An Enchanted Night

Amidst the stressful two weeks of AP exams and SAT tests, many students find prom to be a diamond in the rough. This year’s theme was “A Night of Enchantment” as decorated by the junior class. Prom season begins months in advance with the first “promposals.” The rise of social media has encouraged students to go above and beyond when finding their dates. Junior, Isaac Graves said, “Prom was a good time. The music was really loud, but it was fun to dance.”

As the groups begin the form, students begin to plan their day: pictures first, dinner second, then to the dance, and finally an after-prom location. Pictures are possibly the most favored event by those who attend prom. It gives them an opportunity to dress up and show off themselves and their dates. During the following week, Instagram and Twitter are dominated by pictures of prom. Many pictures were taken at Chatom House, the Courthouse Village, and the Fawn Lake beach.  After the pictures comes dinner. On prom night, the restaurants of the Fredericksburg area are full of tuxedos and dresses.  Popular dinner locations were Firebirds, Bravo, and Castiglias.  Once everyone finished eating, they head to the dance where the prom king and queen were announced. The prom king was Noah Khan and the prom queen was Annie Pond. The music included a broad selection spreading across multiple genres, including music by Kendrick Lamar and Shakira. After prom was also a hit. It was held at Funland, where students could win various raffle prizes, including extra graduation tickets and free parking spot pass for next school year. Some popular activities were laser tag and go kart. Some students opted to just hang out and enjoy the food.