Riverbend High School has implemented a new program this year called SPEAK. SPEAK stands for speed, projection, eye contact, articulation, and kinetics. This program will help students work on their speaking skills. Students might notice this year that their teachers are having them do more presentations and reading out loud. This is to help students build up their confidence and feel more comfortable speaking in front of large groups. Many people have anxiety when it comes to speaking in front of large groups.
However, a person with good public speaking skills has the power in him or herself to inform and motivate people. When speaking to groups of people it important to speak so everyone can hear you, make eye contact and have a positive body language. These are just a few things teachers will be focused this school year. Mrs. Slovak, english teacher, said “It is a great idea, students are afraid of public speaking, so this is a way to help them be more comfortable with talking aloud.” The idea of SPEAK is to get students more involved and participate in class speaking activities. Mr. Lutterbie, an administrator said, “You need literacy in life; it would be hard to go through life without it.” If students don’t know how to properly speak it will hurt them in many ways both in the workforce and in educational.
Riverbend is taking a step in the right direction to get students verbally prepared. Mr. Lutterbie said, “They look forward to adding something new each year to our school.” I think from a student’s perspective this is a great opportunity to improve in ways that weren’t offered before in a class. Daniel Webber, a sophomore stated, “ I have used this method in classes such as English by presenting and reading a book aloud to the class.” Be ready to hear about more SPEAK here at Riverbend High School.