The True Meaning of Christmas

What is the true meaning of Christmas? Growing up I asked myself if it’s the presents, the family gatherings, or the original belief of the birth of Jesus Christ. Many people celebrate Christmas differently, but in my home it is based on the birth of Christ. However December 25th is the date that has been known as the birth of Jesus. Yet in 137 A.D., a bishop of Rome stated a proclamation and made a solemn feast that on December 25th, Christmas would begin.
Individuals around the world celebrate Christmas in many assorted ways. Sophomore Jacque Jiggetts said, “Christmas is all about the feeling of love and joy.“One of the most seen examples are house decorations thats include; blow up displays, house lights stockings and gifts exchanged on Christmas morning. Also, Christmas music always sets up the holiday tone and a positive mood for the new year arising. Going to church on christmas eve night becomes a routine ritual with a large dinner feast and great conversation with blessings involved. Even though all these particular celebrations vary per family, in general many remember the true meaning of the birth of Christ.
Though the celebration throughout the world is expressed differently, I personally love giving to others with my family and church. Being able to give with love and appreciation is a blessing to others around Christmas. Sophomore, Selena Aaron, said, “Gifts are what makes Christmas fun. Smiles from what people receive is what makes Christmas joyful.” Being able to both give and receive presents spreads happiness from one face to another. Even though presents are involved during Christmas morning, the prayers, family gatherings, and all the traditions are what contribute to why Christmas is my favorite day of the year.