Self Driving Cars

In the past, there been both conspiracies and positive theories about self-driving cars. My view on this is negative, self-driving cars is a terrible idea, it is a bad idea for many reasons, one being because many people have always looked forward to driving my own car. Also, I love cars just the way they are right now. Soon what will be the difference between having your parents drive you or having a self-driving car? If that is going to happen there will not be as much excitement to be eligible to drive anymore. The only difference with self-driving cars will be who is in the driver’s seat and the fact that teens will no longer have the opportunity to practice driving.
It may help in some scenarios, for example if you were drunk or too tired to drive home after a long day. Even though it would also have downsides, for example the computer inside the car may crash just like any other computer can. Also it would get rid of jobs. It would decrease the use of Ubers or cabs. Maybe a few years ago a person would need a cab to take you and your friends home after a party or a long day at work and there was a long drive ahead of you. Now, you can just get driven home by your car. Some may think that it’s not that big of a deal, but that’s going to be even more people looking for a job and it could ruin the future for our society.
A year ago a man was driving in his Tesla, and the Tesla had the new feature of autopilot and he started watching a Harry Potter movie on the car’s screen while the car was on autopilot. The car ended up going way over the speed limit and he crashed into a tractor trailer and the man died. The autopilot car glitched and recalculated in order to allow the car to go over the speed limit.
In July of this year Virginia Tech sent out a autopilot car across the country. It made the trip from Virginia to Seattle and back to Richmond. It was a great success for Virginia Tech. The Governour of Virginia Terry McAuliffe stated “I am proud to see a home-grown engineering firm develop self-driving technology and introduce it to the rest of the country on a coast-to-This technology is coming, and we want to be in front of it here in Virginia. We want to be the leader.” I believe self-driving cars would definitely need to take some time to be tested because the first of the cars won’t be the most reliable in safety. Why can’t people just make a better effort to stop the number of deaths or accidents in vehicles?
If the manufacturers just make better components for the cars, then there wouldn’t be any reason for self-driving cars. self-driving cars is mainly just being lazy for some people, and this is why self-driving cars would hurt us more than it would help.