Riverview Trick or Treat

On October 29th, DECA held a Halloween event to help kids at Riverview Elementary that are less fortunate for Halloween. The principal of Riverview, Mrs. Gardner contacted Riverbend Deca and asked if they could assist in a event Riverview was having. Mrs. Collision said, “There are about 40 to 50 students attending the event.” There was a great turn out for the event. Riverbend students helped decorate the classroom doors and walls around the school. All participants dressed up, and the kids went around knocking on the doors trick-or-treating. It was a safe, exciting, wholesome night for all. Junior, Novela Hoekstra-Irving said, “I dressed up as Doodlebob from Spongebob and the kids had a lot of fun. Their costumes we great.”
The parents and teachers of the students were very grateful in the participation of everyone who helped out. It allowed the kids to have a fantastic Halloween and get candy. With Most not earning enough to have a Halloween, this was a safe alternative to trick-or-treating. Junior, Amber Kressler said, “I dressed up as a lifeguard and I loved seeing how excited the kids were going up to each door all dressed up.” All Riverbend DECA students enjoyed helping out the kids that were in need and thought the turnout of the event was very successful. Some kids had homemade costumes which were very creative and artistic. With Deca helping out Riverview it has positively impacted the elementary students. Now the kids are able to enjoy their Halloween with many of their friends and family in a interesting way.