Riverbend Bears DECA Dominate

DECA returned from Virginia Beach and the State Leadership Convention (SLC) with a new school, district, county, and state record. Riverbend plans on taking 24 finalists to Orlando at the end of April for Internationals. This shatters the previous record of only 15 finalists. In total, the other county schools combined will only be sending five or so competitors. Additionally, Riverbend has their first state officer- Nikki Reeves, junior, is Virginia DECA’s newest state reporter. This is a huge accomplishment, and a first for our school. Reeves will represent all of Virginia DECA and Riverbend throughout the year in her new position. The weekend was not completely difficulty-free, however, due to the icy weather, the state competitors were sent home early. Following the Saturday night ceremony, students traveled back to Riverbend, thus missing the Grand Awards Session on Sunday morning and the results of the finalists who qualified for Internationals. However, Virginia DECA accommodated competitors sent home early, and live tweeted the finalists through their Twitter page the next morning. Despite the weather and lack of preparation with schools being closed, Riverbend broke several records and is preparing to take two dozen students to compete at the international level in Orlando. Congrats to all state competitors, and good luck to all those traveling to Florida in April.