Midterm Debate

Midterms are around the corner, and we are half way through the second nine weeks. The annual test has caused many mental breakdowns throughout the years. The vigorous study sessions and late night preparing for the test has plagued students every year and for years to come. Or will it?

Students may not have to take midterms anymore in high school. Schools in Loudoun County have dropped all requirements for teachers to give midterms and final exams. They are switching to more project-based learning. Spotsylvania County is considering doing the same.  Junior Clarence Washington said, “I would be excited if we got rid of midterms and finals.”

Some teachers truly believe in the benefit of midterms and think they are a good way to test students on a wide variety of units. Spanish teacher Mrs. Diaz said, “I agree with having midterms because it analyzes how students are doing instead of just unit by unit.”

The end of midterms and finals doesn’t look like it is coming anytime soon, so until then students should get to studying. Freshmen students at RHS will be getting their first experience with the midterms that they will be taking for all their classes. The biggest thing for all students, especially freshmen, is preparation, rest, and knowing how the test affects their grades on their report card for the year.