Grinds My Gears #2

Something has bothered me for years.  It’s those really inconsiderate students, you know the ones. They never shut-up, never listen to their teachers, and always annoy other students and teachers.  It’s time we talk about these rebels. They’re considered wise by an audience or even dominant against  teachers because of their sassy comebacks or even their use of inappropriate commentary. Why some people still think it’s cool to rebel against authority is revolting. Face it; it’s not cool to look like a tool. No one will (or should) be impressed by your lack of vocabulary or significant amount of curse-word usage towards a teacher. That seems to be the favorite of most students when talking back to teachers lately. It’s simply not right to have such immature behavior in high school. Plenty of kids, when they’re younger, they have their moments of misbehavior. There comes a time, however, where everyone needs to grow up. After all, it isn’t very empathetic to insult a teacher when they’re only doing their job.

The worst part about the way these students act, is how they refuse to see that such treatment can actually hurt a teacher. It’s about time this changes; students shouldn’t stand by and encourage hateful activity. If anyone is actually courageous enough to do so, tell a fellow student to stop being a jerk to an adult that worked pretty hard to get to where they are in life. This doesn’t mean that teachers have to be your best friends.  It’s very simple. It means we as students should be proud to at least have teachers that treat us fairly despite the many students they have to deal with everyday. Just like any other person, teachers also have lives that they go home to. We don’t know all they’re dealing with; so we shouldn’t add anymore struggles for them to have to handle. In the end, respect goes a long way and for anyone to receive it, they need to earn it. It can’t be handed out or it doesn’t mean anything. Teachers already understand this, but not enough students do.