Super Bowl Predictions

Ever since the playoffs started and even before that, everyone has been making their playoff predictions. The two teams that are left are the New England Patriots, from the AFC, and the Atlanta Falcons, from the NFC.

Heading the 51st edition of the Super Bowl this year, the Falcons are the favorites to win with odds of 12 to 1. With only one other Super Bowl appearance, the last time the Falcons made it to the Super Bowl, was in 1999, when they lost to the Broncos 34-19.

As for the Patriots, they have 5 to 1 odds of winning the Super Bowl. However, some feel they have the overall advantage because of their experience in the Super Bowl by going to nine of them. The Patriots have gotten all 4 of their Super Bowl wins with Tom Brady in 2001, 2003, 2004, and in 2014.

Whoever wins the Super Bowl this year, we are going to witness a classic between these two teams because It will be a fight to the finish to be called the Super Bowl champions.