Recently, a survey was sent out to see if Cheez-Its or Goldfish were more popular. Cheez-Its were made in 1921, about forty one years before Goldfish were made. They have since been a go-to snack of many adolescents in Riverbend. To combat this fact, Goldfish have also become a go-to for a number of students since birth. We recently sent out a poll to all of the students and 58% of the students preferred Goldfish over Cheez-Its. Some people enjoy Goldfish’s cheese taste over the other. “I like Goldfish better because Cheez-Its leave a gross taste in my mouth,” said sophomore Madison Rodriguez. On the other hand some people have differing opinions on the taste. According to recently surveyed students, besides the taste, the size, shape and flavors play a big role in defining the better candidate. “I prefer goldfish because they are fun to eat due to providing entertainment and have a more subtle flavor,” said senior Brandi Via. One student felt the choice was too hard to make, “I cannot do it, they are both equally amazing,” said freshman Naomi Small. Regardless of which snack “won” they have both been a snack everyone can rely on.