Makeup, It can be a big part of a woman’s life. Its lets women express themselves in creative and rewarding ways. Being able to do make up takes a lot of time to perfect and can be difficult to learn, but regardless, it’s a very unique skill. JordYn DeBoise, a senior here at Riverbend High School, is a talented and colorful makeup artist who takes much pride in her work. From doing her friend’s makeup at sleepovers, to doing makeup for prom, she can do makeup for any occasion. “I hope it’ll turn into something more. Right now, it’s just a hobby and I’m doing makeup for the people in school but I hope it’ll expand and turn into something bigger,” says Deboise.
Jordan started doing makeup in the eighth grade just playing around with what she had. She started off with neutral and light toned makeup looks with which her mom provided her. After she got a job, her pallet started to get a lot more colorful. Her pallet started to diversify into a larger variety of colors when she started watching videos and looking at photos that inspired her. She found her main inspiration from watching a famous YouTuber named James Charles. Jordan began playing around with makeup for a while until she got confident in her skills and started posting her favorite looks that she created on her Instagram. From seeing her work, people started to ask if she could do their makeup for prom and, eventually she started to get paid. She specializes in bold and beautiful looks, but can do lighter and neutral colors if that’s what her clients prefer. However, friends highly recommend letting her just work her colorful magic.
Being a makeup artist at a younger age consists of a great deal of trial and error until you find something that works. It’s crucial to have supporters when learning newer and harder skills. Thankfully for Jordan her parents and friends believe in her and would like to see her progress in her hobby while enjoying her work. “I’m not used to vibrant colors like that, but oh my God it looked so good. She blended all the colors together so well. I loved it,” beamed senior, Shania Lewis. Jordan enjoys doing makeup and it shows through her work. Even if you aren’t a person who wears makeup a lot, having Jordan do yours is a moment to remember. “ I’m not really into makeup but I saw how talented she was. I said you know what, let’s have a sleepover and you can do whatever you want, and she did this amazing rainbow look. Everytime Jordan posts a new look on her Instagram it never ceases to amaze her family and friends. You can find Jordan’s work on her Instagram at anartisticface. “She’s very talented and I hope she pursues it in the long run.” said senior Jocelyn Rivera.