Morning Efficiency

Having problems getting to school on time? Does the morning seem to be one of the worst times during the day for you? A majority of the student population is regularly late to school because of daily routines. After intensive studies, we have discovered ways to shorten your morning. You can brush your teeth in the shower, hang your clothes in the bathroom and let the steam from the shower get wrinkles out, or even place a wet sock in the dryer along with the wrinkled item to help remove those pesky wrinkles.
If you brush your teeth in the shower it reduces the time you take by combining two activities, brushing your teeth and showering. When you perfect this technique, you can add another step including putting in contacts or brushing your hair. These steps also save water and get you out the bathroom that much quicker.
Imagine this, it is 6:50 A.M., you are behind and your shirt is wrinkled. Now, after reading this article you will be prepared for this situation. One of the easiest ways to correct this issue is to hang your clothes up in the bathroom while you shower and allow the steam to get the wrinkles out. The second way is to put a wet piece of clothing in the dryer with your clothes and remove the wrinkles that way. On average 75% of men take 30 minutes or less to get ready while only 59% of women take less than 30 minutes. Based on a year long study, annually we are in the bathroom for 7.6 days getting ready. Junior, Connor Wyant said, “I put my clothes in the dryer while I’m in the shower.” One of the most unique methods is, for example, to put your shirt flat in between two towels and press to create the friction used to eliminate the wrinkles. With these helpful tips, you will be ready to take on the morning fight.
Along with this article, students have submitted some tips to help others in the morning. Conner Wyant says, “Make an annoying alarm so you have to turn it off.” Joey Arvelo, Senior says, “Stay off your phone in the morning when you wake up because it’s a big distraction.” Jamie Hoover, Junior said “I wake up early and go for a run to help me wake up.” With all these helpful tips for a speedy routine, you will now be ready for school.