Almost Maine

Wednesday, October 17th, was the opening night the theater production of “Almost, Maine.” Ms. Cresswell directed “Almost, Maine” and has been the Drama Coordinator for 14 years, which she still loves doing. She said, “[My favorite part] is when the kids come together as a team and have the independence to do it without me.” The performance took place from Wednesday the 17th through Saturday the 20th. “Almost, Maine” is about a series of humorous love stories, written by John Cariani.
Dr. Wright stated, “I’ve seen this play before a few years ago when RHS performed it, so I knew what it was about. The first time I saw the play, I was trying to figure out exactly what was happening in the first few scenes. After a couple of scenes, it’s pretty obvious that the play is full of metaphors and symbols about love with several small stories taking a slightly different angle on relationships. The play has a positive message and a good ending.” Shannan Marrs, a senior, also enjoyed the play and said that her favorite scene was the one, “with the girl waiting for the Aurora Borealis. The scene had so many twists and it was fun to watch.”
The actors were a major part of the whole production, but the crew also had an enormous part in making the play come all together. Brooke Patten was part of the sound production of the play and said, “[the hardest part] is multitasking because there really is a lot happening all at one time. When scenes change there’s a lot that has to go into that and making sure you’re on top of everything that’s happening to make the show go smoothly is something I had to learn over time.” Junior, Emily Hall, has been in Drama since freshman year and now does hair and makeup for the actors. She said,“It’s fun to be part of a team. When you put on a show there’s so many different aspects to it that a lot of people don’t realize.

Kayla Pruitt plays Gayle in “Getting It Back,” one of the scenes in the play. Kayla has been in Drama since freshman year and loves the fact that it is both challenging and rewarding. She said,“A tip I would give to someone who is just starting out would be to give it a chance. I know when I was in Drama I hated it at first and I told myself I was never going to do it again, but I kept going with it and I fell in love with it. You have to test the waters and find what you’re good at and what you enjoy.”
“Almost, Maine” was a great play, with a cast and crew of amazing students who worked hard in their performances on stage and backstage.