No Seniority?

Riverbend is a very new, nice, and safe school; however students complain all the time about how other schools get more senior privileges and are able to do “cooler” things.  Devin Ostermann, a senior, said, “It is not fair that other schools have more privileges than us.”  When in reality, all schools budgets are decreasing, not just Riverbend’s.  Since there is less money to be given out, senior privileges are limited.  However, this year there will still be a senior movie and a senior trip.

This year’s seniors are complaining that there are less senior privileges and that it is not fair that they change the privileges each year.  Katherine Johnson, a senior, said, “I just wish we had more privileges than we do now.”  This year the schools budget is a lot lower than previous years, which is why the school cannot afford all the privileges they used to.

Another big complaint was that the senior courtyard was full of bees.  It was also taken away many days during certain lunch shifts because of trash being left on the tables and on the ground.  The courtyard is one of the few privileges that seniors are left with, which is why everyone should pick up their trash.  If we all clean up our own mess, we will be able to sit out there.

Some free privileges that the Senior class would enjoy could be to leave two minutes early at the end of the day on Fridays so that they can beat the hectic Riverbend traffic.  Another one could be every other Friday seniors have the opportunity to leave for lunch and go over to Harrison Crossing.  It could be an off-campus lunch day.  Additionally, seniors could get free admission to all senior night games for all sports, which would increase attendance at those games and also give seniors an incentive to be more involved in their school.

Senior privileges change every year, which makes seniors complain when they do not get the same privileges that the previous classes did.  Even though the seniors complain there is really nothing the school can do because of budget cuts, however the school can consider some of the free privileges that students suggest in replace of expensive ones.