Teacher Probs

Once in a while, we will come across a teacher that doesn’t teach in a way that fits our technique of learning. Either they do too much group work and don’t assist you, they give no group work, and you are forced to sit in a 90 minute class barely staying awake, or they just act too friendly and the class learns nothing.  Victor Gutierrez said, “If that’s the case, I usually study harder and I ask my friends for help.” Nevertheless, there are ways to work around these issues to ensure you still get a good grade.

  1. Ask Around- When you find out you have a hard teacher, ask your friends who had that teacher last year and what to expect. Make sure it’s a friend that is respectful in classes because the troublemakers usually have a bad view of the teacher.  Generally, they will prepare you for these teachers saying “don’t do this” or “always do this”. Knowing all about your teacher will help you in the future.
  2. You Decide– Sometimes asking your friends might not work because they exaggerate the mistakes of their teachers. Instead, you have to judge for yourself and decipher if she/he uses the technique of learning you need.
  3. Talk- Sit down with the teacher and explain that you are having difficulty learning. There are different teaching techniques; just as there are different styles of learning. They will appreciate your concern and will try to make sure that your needs are met, so you can get the most out of their class. Ana Torres agreed with this and said, “Your one-on-one meetings with the teacher can get the help you need to pass the class.”
  4. Counselor- If your personality clashes, just run down to your friendly guidance counselor for a meeting. Just give a good reason why (list them out on a paper) and they will let you and your teacher talk about the issues between you guys and come to an agreement.
  5. Be Friends- If that doesn’t work out try to get on the teachers good side. It will help the year fly by and the teacher probably won’t grade your paper as hard and be more lenient toward you. No one likes a bad apple so try to be a teacher’s pet.
  6.  Mom/Dad- If all else fails, your number one hope would be your parents. They can get you out of almost any sticky situation when it comes to school and teachers.

Try to follow these steps to help you and your teacher might mesh better. If none of these works for you maybe going to the principle to talk about your complications will help. Good luck Bears.