Eagle Eye

With the year reaching a close and Riverbend’s graduating seniors, many students have decided to extend their education and go to college. Senior Meghan Pattillo has chosen to attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Both Pattillo’s dad and grandpa were fighter pilots and she has decided to follow in their footsteps by also becoming a pilot and planning to graduate with an aerospace engineering degree. The academy doesn’t allow students to skip grades and, as a result, Pattillo will go through the four year curriculum

“The academy doesn’t accept high school credits, but they will allow me to take a higher version of the class,” said Pattillo.

Since Pattillo’s degree deals with engineering, she’ll have to take plenty of math classes in order to meet the requirements. For example, she is planning on taking several different calculus courses in order to prepare herself. Pattillo also needs to take several engineering classes and aerodynamic courses.

“The academy pays for everything and I will also receive a stipend at the end of the month,” said Pattillo.

According to Pattillo, the best part of the campus is the amount of opportunities that are available. They offer intellectually stimulating classes and classes that include activities such as pilot parachuting and gliding.

“I’m really interested in Japanese, but I’m still undecided when it comes to choosing a minor,” said Pattillo.

Students attending the academy live on the campus dorms according to their squadron; however, since there are 144 squads, Pattillo is still waiting on where she will be placed.