Grinds My Gears #1


You know what really grinds my gears? In a school with nearly two-thousand students, some feel it is ok to stand and have their conversations with their friends in the middle of the hallway. Right beneath the staircase and at the top of the staircase is the notorious area where people are inconvenienced by this. A quite easy solution would be to just go deeper into the hallway to talk or to go to the commons in the morning. Additionally, when you are getting water, do not put your gum in the fountain!!! And if you’re unsure, it is also rude to turn the fountain the wrong way. Good hallway etiquette is the key to an efficient school. And finally, if you are walking in the hallway, do not ever, ever, stop right in the middle of the walkway. Thank you for listening to my rant, and please don’t just throw this paper in the hall when you’re done.