Somethings Growing at Riverbend


You may have noticed the new green house this year that is located outside by the bus loop. This project was started by the Horticulture, and Intro to Agriculture and Business classes taught by Mr. Johnson.

As of now there is not anything growing in the green house because it is still being finished. “The coolers and the misting system just came in, so once all that is complete, we can start growing,” said Mr. Johnson. He is looking forward to the green house being completed but has no exact time frame for project to be done.

Mr. Johnson said that the money for the green house was granted to Riverbend by The Carl Perkins National Fund for Career and Tech Education. Once the green house is finally ready for use, they plan to grow poinsettias around Christmas time, as well as flowers and corsages for prom season.

Two of his agriculture students, Dillon Hebertson and Sean Conoly are very excited for the green house to be finished.  Sean said, “We’re ecstatic for the project to be done so we can begin growing.” As for their decision to take an agriculture class, Sean said, “Mr. Johnson is awesome. He’s our motivation.”

This green house will be a great addition to our agriculture program as well as our entire school.