No Shave November

November is known for the fad of not shaving. Some people don’t know the meaning behind “No Shave November.” The reasoning behind the trend is to embrace hair because when people have cancer, they lose their hair due to harsh treatments. It recognizes many cancers including prostate cancer. Several students and teachers at Riverbend participated in No Shave November this year. The most popular way of participating in No Shave November is growing out facial hair and letting it grow no matter how it looks.
Many people planned to do No Shave November but accidentally forget throughout the course of the month. For many people, shaving is a regular activity along with brushing your hair, teeth and taking a shower. Other people forget at the beginning of the month and don’t start until later in November. Regardless, many people in the United States took part in No Shave November.
Sophomore Joe Thorpe said, “This is my first year doing it, but I decided to do it because one of my coaches told us a story about how he grows out his hair for his uncle who died from cancer.” Thorpe planned to continue through the whole month of November. The 10th grade PE teacher and coach of wrestling Mr. Balog said, “I’ve tried to do it before but I always end up shaving because it looks ugly.” Mr. Balog wanted to support the cause, but he can’t grow facial hair successfully. Jack Earnhart planned to grow out his facial hair. Earnhart said,“I’m doing it because a lot of other guys in the grade are doing it too.” Earnhart also said, “I’m so tempted to shave it, it looks so ugly.” Many of his friends convinced him to keep it until the end of the month. Time will tell who was dedicated to finish this challenge.