Holiday Decorations

The day after Thanksgiving is the unspoken day that Christmas and other holiday decorations MUST be put up. All around the world, Black Friday is the start of the holiday season. From snow, to gift giving, to decor, winter invites a warm and cozy feeling around our homes and in our hearts. Decorating for the holiday season has been a tradition for generations. Over time, decorations have been tweaked in order to spread the most holiday cheer.
Decorating for the holidays has been going on for centuries, and everyone has been doing it. Thousands of years ago, pagans used the branches of evergreen trees, more commonly known now as Christmas trees, to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as it made them think spring is coming. That beautiful vibrant red flower often seen around the Christmas season is called a Poinsettia. In 16th century Mexico, a young girl didn’t have the money to provide a gift for the coming birthday of Jesus. She gathered weeds to give which then blossomed into red star shaped flowers, which are now known as Poinsettias. The shape is believed to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem and the color, the blood of Jesus on the cross. Christmas lights seem to be a favorite for people, and Thomas Edison invented them. One year for Christmas, he wanted to decorate with red, white, and blue lights; so he created them.
There are many different types of holiday decorations that people use to prepare their homes for the holiday season. Lights can make your home more festive on the inside and out. Adding a string of christmas lights on railings or around door frames can add a warm and festive feeling. You can also do the same with garland. Using a combination of garland, assorted vases and containers filled with seasonal decorations like lights, bells, or ornaments, make a beautiful mantel or centerpiece that can bring warmth into a room. Jingle bells are not just for singing about. Strand some silver bells onto a holiday themed ribbon and tie it around a doorknob or even a vase. Homemade wreaths are very easy to make and add a bit more to any door, window, or wall. Adding fake pine cones, ribbon, ornaments, or even fake citrus fruits to a basic store bought wreath can transform the space.