Halloween Haunt

Ah, October, the month of scares! As Halloween approaches, people are beginning to celebrate early with spooky decorations and terrifying events. Kings Dominion participates, with its annual Halloween Haunt. During this event, Kings Dominion decorates the park with blood, fog, monster, special effects, and of course, Haunted Houses.
Each haunted house is very similar – different in theme – but very similar. While you wait, you are told the rules from the usher, and walk into the building, anticipation building, and building . . . to nothing. You walk out of the Haunted House with your friends, share a “meh” shrug and move onto the next attraction. This year’s Halloween Haunt was unfortunately underwhelming.
It’s very possible that this may have been a bad day for Halloween Haunt or I had a poor experience. Since I did go on the first day, the park just might be getting used to the new year. However, if this is their best quality for this years Haunt, it could be bad news for the park. Halloween Haunt in the past has been a very popular and a fun event. The park might not make the amount of money that they need to keep this event going.
So how could we generalize the problems this year? For one, the effects could’ve been so much better. Almost every monster, I mean, college student in a halloween costume, were just not that scary. Even the costumes were very. While walking through the exhibit, you can easily not even get a single jump scare, and when you do get jumped at, they’re all very predictable and underwhelming, especially if you’ve done Halloween Haunt in the past, you’ll find their pattern very fast. Unfortunately for this years Halloween Haunt, it failed to deliver.
So for some people, however, they personally did enjoy it. Trevor Schotsch said: “I went with my dad, siblings, and girlfriend, and I enjoyed it. It was pretty fun being spooked.” With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend not going. If you’ve never been to Halloween Haunt and have some friends to tag along, I would recommend you go try it. Though I still do hope that their Halloween Haunt does get better again. If there’s more popularity and demand for more, I believe we can have some great scares ahead for the future!