The Final Piece?

Saw, a series of eight grotesque movie series of mystery, psychological thrills, horror, and infamous torture, is returning to the big screen for more gorey fun in the new movie, Jigsaw, the eighth installment in the Saw franchise.
Jigsaw takes place a decade after the death of John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, the murderer behind the puppet. This time, more mysterious murders and traps are taking lives, and the only clues leading to the potential killer, direct the “heroes” back to Jigsaw, once again. The audience is left to ask, “Who’s murdering these new victims and how will they find him?” Overall, the mystery here is very intriguing and enjoyable. Though it is not a top quality mystery movie, it is just as entertaining as the other Saw films.
What sets this movie apart from other Saw films is the style of this movie. It is more cinematic and more professional than some of the other films. The fast paced, quick cut editing in the previous films are also not included in this movie. To a saw fan, these details will not ruin the movie, but it will give the film a different feel. On another interesting note, the gore and torture feels downgraded in Jigsaw as compared to the other Saw films. This is not necessarily bad, it is just surprising.
So is this movie worth seeing? Fans of the previous Saw films will like this one. People who don’t like the Saw films won’t be a fan of Jigsaw. In general, this film is just as good as the rest of the franchise. This is not a perfect movie, but just like its predecessors, it is a fun roller coaster of horror!