No More Electives?

Most schools require that students take non-core classes in order to graduate. Most students take classes that do not interest them and do poorly in the end because they find the class boring or they slack off and lose focus.
The reason that some schools require students to take non-core classes is so that they can take an interest in something and maybe pursue it as a job in the future. This is a great opportunity for students to get interested in things and let loose a little because they are not core classes. This can also take time out of most students day. Some students work after school and if the classes aren’t required then they can go to work earlier than if they were to take classes that they don’t really need. If they are not required, then high school years can be reduced from four years to three.
There seems to be a great deal of debate on whether non-core classes are a good thing or not. Senior, Aimee Alford, said, “No [core classes] should be allotted so teenagers can explore different passions of interests, but not be forced. Putting more workload on a teenager is not wise because students would develop more stress via more classes, that are pointless. Students should be able to decide whether they want to take a class or not. Give the opportunity, but don’t force it.”
Then again, some people agree with the fact that they should be required. Riverbend Junior, Holly Sage said, “Yes, because non-core classes can help produce creativity and different ways of thinking. Non-core classes, such as art, can help you in the future potentially [and give you an idea] if you want to go into certain departments [engineering, drafting, etc].” Sage doesn’t fully agree Sage does see some downfalls in non-core classes. “They take up space in your schedule, where you could do something else that interests you more. For example being forced to take economics and personal finance, I could have taken another art or science class.”
Everyone has a different perspective when it comes to non-core classes. Some people see them as a good opportunity to develop different interests and others see it as busy work. Either way, the non-core classes are here to stay; so for now, choose wisely.