The Golden Globes

On January 6th, 2018, the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards were held in Beverly Hills, California. Not only were outstanding achievements in film and television recognized, but social and political issues were highlighted. The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements empowered women and men attending the event to dress in black in solidarity for victims of sexual harassment and abuse. Many actresses known for their activism brought other activists with them. For example, actress Emma Watson brought along Marai Larasi, who leads a foundation preventing abuse against black women. Even Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award centered around the recent increase in sexual harassment awareness. “A new day is on the horizon,” she said in her speech, “the day when nobody ever has to say ‘#MeToo’ again.” The Cecil B. Demille award is given to a person who has made “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.” Cecil B. Demille was an American filmmaker from the early 1900s to the late 1950s.
The #TimesUp movement, which encouraged attendees to dress in black, fights for an increase in legislation to incriminate companies that do not fight back against sexual harassment. It also calls for an increase in funding to help low-income victims of sexual assault and harassment fight for the justice they deserve.
As for the awards, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” took home best drama motion picture and Frances McDormand received best actress in a drama for the film. The best comedy or musical motion picture was awarded to Greta Gerwig’s coming of age story, “Lady Bird.” The lead actress in “Lady Bird,” Saoirse Ronan, also received best actress in the category. James Franco won best actor in his film, “Disaster Artist,” which comedically depicts the making of what many in Hollywood consider the “best/worst” film ever made. The picture that received the most nominations was“The Shape of Water,” and it also received numerous awards, whereas a film that was expected to win a large number of awards, “The Post,” went home empty handed. Notable television series were “Big Little Lies,” a comedic murder mystery from the perspective of three wealthy mothers, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a dystopian story where fertile women are kidnapped and forced to have children, and “This is Us.”
This year’s Golden Globes will definitely not be forgotten soon. It exemplified the power of not only art and film, but also the force that can be created when women combine forces and stand up for equality and respect.