Ball Is Life

In early 2017, the Ball family has been the most talked in sports and in the NBA. LaVar Ball is a former NBA player and father of the three children Lonzo, Liangelo, and LaMelo. Lonzo is 20 years old and plays in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. Liangelo and LaMelo both will play for a Lithuanian team for the next couple months because Lavar says he can better “prepare his sons for the NBA.” Joe Martino a sophomore said, “ I’m not a fan of the ball family and especially Lavar Ball”.
The father of three, LaVar Ball, said he tries to put his kids in the best situations possible. It all started with Lonzo Ball when he was in college. Lavar said, “All I said was that my boy is going to play for the Lakers. I’m going to speak it into existence. I want him to be a Laker, but I wasn’t saying he’s only going to play for the Lakers.” Lavar pulled his two youngest sons out of school when Liangelo was arrested for theft at a Gucci store in China Lavar Ball has been accused by many that he is ruining his sons’ lives to promote his brand known as Big Baller Brand. Joey Arvelo a junior said “ Lavar Ball is living his life through all of his kids and it seems like he is doing is what is best for him not his sons.” Lavar has promoted his brand through many ways and now he has a reality tv show called “Ball In the Family.” It is on Facebook watch every Sunday and premiered on September 10, 2017.
Lonzo Ball the oldest son of three at 20 years old has had an eventful last two years. He recently got drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round. His NBA career started off in the NBA Summer League. The Summer league is for players who just entered the league to be able to get a feel for some type of NBA atmosphere. He showed signs of greatness with stats of 16.3 points per game, 9.3 assists per game, and 7.7 rebounds per game. Heading into the NBA season everyone had very high expectations for Lonzo. His debut game was against the LA Clippers and he would be guarded by Patrick Beverley who is a tough and physical player all around. Ever since his career has been a downfall with 10.0 points per game and 7.1 assists per game. Joe Martino stated “I think Lonzo has potential in the NBA.” Lonzo has yet to show greatness that he showed during college and summer league.
Liangelo Ball is 19 years old and LaMelo is 16 and played high school basketball together at Chino Hills in California. Liangelo played for the UCLA Bruins but he was caught stealing from three stores in China while they were there for a game. Liangelo was put in Chinese jail, some said he would be in there up to ten years. President Trump had a meeting with China and was able to get Liangelo back into the US. LaMelo got taken off the high school team because his dad, LaVar Ball, said he can prepare his son for the NBA better after hearing about his suspension. LaMelo was a sophomore in high school and very talented. LaVar chose to take him out of school as well which would not allow him to be eligible to play in the NCAA.
In December of 2017, the Ball family was messaged by an employee from Prienu Vytautas the Lithuanian team, asked if they wanted to showcase their talent with this team. Lavar Ball decided to have his two youngest sons sign a one year deal with a Lithuanian team named Prienu Vytautas. Joey Arvelo said “It was a bad idea to take them out of school because they are possibly going to lose more opportunities.” The team is located in a small town with a population of about 10,000 people. The one major problem for the kids playing for a foreign team is that this team and coaching staff don’t speak English.
For their upcoming season on Vytautas, the boys many have high hopes that they can still go to the NBA and play alongside their brother Lonzo on the Lakers. They have had a very diverse feeling about the family from being very supportive and being with them every step of the way or waiting to see them fail and go downhill, but only time will tell if this family will be able to keep up success despite their ups and downs in 2017.