Short Summer

With the school year’s start much earlier, many students have opinions in the matter. Many students have an opinion regarding the school year starting on August 13th. Usually, school in Spotsylvania county starts in early September, but this year the county has decided to start almost a month earlier. The positive is that this will allow students to be released for summer in May, but on the opposite end, it shortened the summer of 2018.
Based on an Instagram survey from August 21st, out of 21 votes, 86% of the Riverbend students said the shortened summer was a bad idea. Many students were not happy when they heard their summer would be a fraction of what it was last year. Sydney Livingston, Senior, said, “The shortened summer interrupted many people’s vacation plans and I think it was hard for us all to get used to going back to school so early.” For some, the short summer was an inconvenience.
On the other hand, some students saw the brighter side of the short summer. Senior, Naja Mulagha, said, “At first, I wasn’t too excited about the short summer, but we do get out earlier. Plus, we didn’t have summer assignments so that was kind of nice.” Being a senior, Mulagha was grateful she did not have to complete summer assignments as she did for the past three summers.
Despite being cut short, students still made the most of their summers. Fabiana Miranda, sophomore, said, “I went to Peru to visit my family and had my Quinceanera. We went around the beach and I spent time with both sides my mom and my dad’s family.” Many students also spent their time at the beach, frequently in the Outer Banks. Regardless, Riverbend students are sliding into the new school year and looking forward to next summer.