Hack Attack!

Are you interested in computers or want to know how to code different programs? Join Hack Club! Hack Club is one of Riverbend’s newest clubs that ranges from making websites to making your own javascript games.
Their first interest meeting was held Friday, August 31st from 2:30 PM-4:00 PM. Don’t worry, if you didn’t make the first interest meeting just contact Mr. Arnold or Mrs. Keith if you’re interested in joining. Hack Club meetings are held every Friday from 2:30 PM-4:00 PM in room 261.
Hack club was started by Zach Latta, a self taught coder who moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco when he was only 18. Senior Yousef Haggy, said, “he decided to start hack club as a nonprofit so that more people could experience computer science. In his area where he lived, there really weren’t many economic options for him, and he felt like it shouldn’t be something left up to chance.”
Now they’ve brought Hack Club to Riverbend for students to enjoy. “Hack Club is also for people who don’t just want to be computer scientists. It’s just useful skills to have,” said Haggy. “Currently our in school computer science classes teach you how to code,” Haggy stated, “but with Hack Club, we teach you how to make whatever you want. How to use Google to learn and make things that you want to create and how to use industry standard coding.”
New exciting projects are limitless for the Hack Club this year. Throughout the year we’ll make a whole bunch of games. We’ll make things that interact with social media bots and teach you how to make your own projects and help you create whatever you want,” Haggy said.
According to Mr. Arnold, the main club sponsor, this club is 100% student-run. “The student leaders signed up for the international Hack Club. Now they have access to the club documents and they lead all the sessions,” Arnold said.
Sophomores Emily Decker and Robin Georgestone were at the club meeting that day and talked about why they joined Hack Club. “I always wanted to be a master hacker,” Georgestone jokingly said.
Hack club is a place to learn new useful tips and a place to have fun. And at the end of the year, students will have tangible products to showcase their progress. The club isn’t restricted to any one person, and is open to anyone who desires membership.