Color Run

On Saturday, October 20th, students and teachers gathered to run at The Bear Squad Color Run. The Color Run was an exciting event that had many people in attendance.
English teacher, Ms. Deskevich, said it was her first color run that she has done. “I thought it was going to be a 5k,but it was still fun,” Ms. Deskevich said. She was the first teacher to finish the color run. Overall, she said it was a fun time and urges more students to participate in school activities. “You missed out and you should definitely should go next year,” Ms. Deskevich said to those who did not attend the event.
Sophomore, Courtney Jamison, said, “It was very colorful and fun. I liked the hotdogs they served after. They were really good.” She ran with some of her good friends and loved being a part of the color run. “I got first place for the girls,” Jamison said.
Another student runner, sophomore, Jacob Carryer, said “It was really fun getting color thrown at you from every direction.” He was happy that he signed up for the color run. “Seeing the people that showed up was a really cool part of this color run because it was cold and wet. The people that showed up were motivated and committed,” Carryer said.
The students and teachers who ran in the color run showed Riverbend pride. Next year even more students and teachers are expected to show up and showcase their school pride.