Talented Bears


On Friday, February 14 at 7PM, Riverbend is hosting their annual talent show. A few of their acts will include Landon and Andrew, Home by Midnight, Colton Prince and Jacob O’Campo, Gloria Gardner, Shade of Jade, and Nolan Cornell.

From individuals to groups, Riverbend students showcased their talents in auditions held after school for the Valentine ’s Day Talent Show. The auditions were spread out between two days – January 14 and 15 – and lasted two and a half hours.

While waiting for their name to be called, “The Bluffs’” band members John Fricchione, Kyle Johnson, and James Garofalo set up their drums and electric guitars in the hallway.

According to Fricchione, the band tried out because they want people to see what they can do; and since they have an extended play (a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album – also known as an EP) coming out, the talent show was a great way to advertise their talents.

The “Bluffs” are in the process of writing their own songs, but they decided to perform a cover for their auditions and at the show.

Duo Sydney McLeod and Andrew Shelley decided to audition since it was “their senior year and they decided that it was a great way to go out with a bang,” said McLeod.

McLeod and Shelley chose to play “Let Her Go” by Passengers with McLeod singing and Shelley playing a guitar.

“If [the auditions] work out, we’ll definitely go acoustic with our performance,” said McLeod.

Unfortunately, McLeod and Shelley was one of the groups who did not make it to the Talent Show.

Accopella group “Hue of Blue” decided to try-out for the talent show for the simple reason that “it’s what we do,” said Dillon Hebertson.

After adamantly refusing that the group was in no way created because of the movie “Pitch Perfect,” Hue of Blue decided to keep their audition song a secret, but it will be revealed through their performance at the show.

“Hue of Blue” is an all-boy group with members Anderson Small, Liam Derhi, Dillon Hebertson, Christopher Duke, Landon Wilcox, Burke Swuanson, and Tito Robles.

The Riverbend dance team also tried out.

“It’s a tradition that we do, and we’re always excited. This is probably the coolest thing we do throughout the year. We also love dancing and performing for the school,” said co-captain Imani Dunn.

According to Dunn, her and co-captain Drew Evans create their own choreography for each dance and sometimes incorporate moves from their favorite choreographers. Riverbend will be able to watch their new routine at the show.

Creating a talent show is what many schools around the country do to allow their students to show off their talents to the rest of their peers. With Riverbend’s right around the corner, many of its students are excited to both perform in it and watch their friends on stage.