Depression is Oppression

20% of teens will experience depression before reaching adulthood. It hits people whom you wouldn’t expect. Some have dealt with depression for years, while others are just beginning to feel the sings. It’s one of the worst feelings to encounter, and is sometimes almost impossible to cope with.

There are many causes which induce depression among teens. “Stress or anxiety, from either school or home situations, usually are the reasons kids come seeking help,” says Ms Rolling, one of Riverbend’s school’s guidance counselors, “Sometimes they are just unsure as to why they feel depressed.”

There are also many indicators to look for if one begins to feel depressed.  Some people may feel constantly sad, lose hours of sleep or sleep for too long, or suffer from constant, unexplained headaches. Others may feel worthless or just plain wrong.

Outside help is one of the greatest ways to overcome this feeling. As private as the reason may be, or as independent as one may feel, trying to deal with depression alone is simply wasting time, and eventually the feeling of giving up begins to arise. As cliché as it sounds, identifying and accepting you are depressed is the first step to recovery. Whether you seek help from a guidance counselor or even a best friend, someone is also willing to help. The worst thing someone suffering from depression can do is not seek help.

Teen depression is not a laughing matter, and should not be taken lightly. If you know someone who you think may be suffering from depression, talk to them about it. Above all, if they are considering suicide, seek an administrator or adult for help immediately.