Most Interesting Celebrities

Hero Without a Cape

Grayson Fusaro

On April 15, 2013, disaster struck the Boston Marathon when two bombs went off within a few seconds. Many were injured, and there were 3 fatalities. While many of the uninjured were in shock, a Costa-Rican American peace activist and American-Red-Cross volunteer named Carlos Arredondo, immediately ran to help injured athletes and spectators. One man he helped, Jeff Bauman, was missing both legs and had blood everywhere. Arredondo carried Jeff Bauman to a wheelchair, and helped get hi m to safety. He wrapped him with a tourniquet, which may have saved his life from all the blood lost. Arredondo has always been a model citizen, even with such tragedies in his family. According to the Washington Post, “Arredondo’s son died in Iraq. After finding out, Arredondo attempted suicide by lighting himself on fire; then years later, his other son committed suicide.” There were many heroes that day, but Arredondo’s story is one that cannot go unnoticed. Arredondo was at the race to cheer on members of the National Guard and a suicide prevention group he was involved in. Overall, there are heroes every day, and Arredondo is one who must always be remembered for his bravery.

There’s a First for Everything

Grayson Fusaro

For all of history, there have been no openly-gay athletes in professional sports until just a few months ago. The first professional openly-gay athlete was an NBA player named Jason Collins. It was an important milestone for equality, but now; a whole new milestone has been reached with the coming out of defensive-lineman Michael Sam. Michael is expected to be a later round pick in the 2014 NFL draft, whom is coming from the University of Missouri. Sam was tied for SEC defensive-player-of the year, and is expected to be the first openly-gay NFL player. Michael Sam is a very relevant person, because he is helping break the stereotype that gay men aren’t tough or athletic. He is proving that anyone, regardless of sexuality, can be a great athlete. Michael Sam told the New-York-Times about coming out, “I just wanted to make sure I could tell my story the way I wanted to.” Michael Sam joining the league is great for equality, but it is important that Sam be treated like every other player. Overall, it is great that Michael Sam is joining the league, and it is vital that he be treated as a equal.

Edward Snowden – Hero or Traitor?

Dayn Roberts

In June of 2013, classified information detailing the unethical works of the National Surveillance Agency, (NSA) was revealed to the public by Edward Joseph Snowden. At the time, Snowden was one of many technicians who tended to governmental servers. After discovering secure files on the NSA’s large scale Surveillance Scheme, he disclosed the information to the public, stating his, “one true motive” was “to inform the public that which is done in their name and that which is being done against them.” His decision made him a catalyst for countless debates discussing government secrecy and mass surveillance, which still are debated on to this day. One side calls him a hero, while the other sees him as a traitor and an enemy of the state. Is one side more correct then the other? Snowden himself said that he was neither an enemy nor a hero, but an American. Yet instead of facing punishment, he fled to Russia where he currently is in asylum, waiting to find a more, ‘ ‘Comfortable’ spot. Is he an enemy of the state? Or was he the heroic citizen exposing a corrupt government?

Sweet-Niblets Miley

Emily Vinchiarello

Miley Cyrus has completely changed her image from teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana, to flawless role model, upcoming wife and, actress to the edgy, rebel provocative performer we know now. Cyrus’ total metamorphosis is what makes her one of this year’s most interesting people. Cyrus is constantly making headlines not only for her shocking and entertaining performances, but her decisions that give her the ‘bad girl’ reputation. For example, Cyrus admitted on Twitter after a show in Milwaukee that, after missing a costume change, she performed in her underwear. Cyrus begins her Bangerz Tour on March first and will be performing at the Verizon Center on April 11. ”

Malcolm Smith

James King II

242nd, That was the 7th round pick with which the Seattle Seahawks selected Linebacker, Malcolm Smith, in the 2011 NFL Draft. Just being able to enter the draft was a miracle for Smith who was diagnosed with achalasia, a disorder that prohibits food from being transferred from the throat to the stomach, causing him to lose a considerable amount of weight during his time in college at the University of Southern California. After undergoing surgery to help his problem, he slowly began to regain his weight. Once in Seattle, however, Smith did not begin to make an impact until the 2013 season, his third year in the NFL. In the 2013 NFC Championship Smith was able to make a decisive interception with 22 seconds left, allowing the Seahawks to win 23-17.  During Super Bowl XLVIII Smith was able to contribute to the Seahawks’ 43-8 rout of the Broncos with one fumble recovery, an interception for a touchdown and 10 total tackles. Smith’s great play was recognized when he received the Super Bowl MVP Award, becoming just the 9th defensive player to obtain the award. Smith was able to go from hospital bed to Super Bowl MVP, inspiring the country every step of the way.