The Halloween Scene

Halloween is celebrated all around the world. The holiday was originated from a Celtic festival called Samhain. On October 31, they would celebrate the end of the harvest season. They also thought that on that day the dead could come back to Earth and cause trouble to the living. Now there are many different ways to celebrate Halloween. Many people carve jack-o’-lanterns and go trick or treating. Teens, who love a good scare, go to haunted houses and at amusement parks. Other popular Halloween activities are going to costume parties or staying home and passing out candy. Some families have their own special traditions to celebrate Halloween. “My family goes to Chipotle every year,” said sophomore Rionna Givens. Although family traditions might go away, the memories will always stay. “[My siblings and I] used to get pulled in our dad’s trailer and play Halloween music around the neighborhood,” said freshman Regan Bergquist.

Although trick or treating is most popular among young children, many teens still go out to get candy with friends. “I’m going [trick or treating] as ghost girls with my friend,” said sophomore Abigail Bahre. There is always a variety costumes around the Halloween season. Popular costumes are witches, superheroes, vampires, and pirates. “I’m going to be a hippie,” said freshman Jonathan Anderson. Even people who do not go trick or treating still enjoy wearing costumes.

Students who don’t go out to get candy also have fun at home. Some stay home to pass out candy with their friends. Others enjoy watching scary Halloween movies. People often eat a lot of sweets during Halloween.  According to, the Halloween season is when the most candy is sold in the United States. The average American home spends $44 on candy for Halloween.